Dr Who Strain


Time may seem to stop in place with this Indica Dominant hybrid known for its multitude of medicinal benefits. Sweet berry and earthy pineapple aromas present wonderful bed-side manner for a full-body experience that isn’t too heavy for solving mysteries or simple day-to-day activities. We test all indoor flower with our patients in mind.

THC: 20.04%


Euphoric, Happy, Sleepy


Stress, Pain, Insomnia, Depression


Hops, Pine, Cinnamon

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Dr Who cannabis strain is a 60/40 indica strain with a strongly potent THC level of 23%. This strain is known for its bright and colorful purple spotted nugs, but it has mainly become popular due to its enticingly unique pineapple aroma with undertones of pungent sour grape. The flavour of Dr Who strain is similarly sweet and delicious, with pleasant woody undertones that offset the boldness of the fruity notes.
Type of High
Dr. Who cannabis strain provides a fairly typical indica high, but with the added benefit of enhanced creativity and motivation. It is useful in the treatment of ADHD and is great for morning use.


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