Harlox Strain


An incredible, CBD rich strain, Harlox hails from parents Harlequin and The OX. An indica dominant strain known for its potent and effective pain and anxiety relieving characteristics, Harlox is one of a kind. Grape and berry aromas give way to rich, cherry notes on the palette. The combination of effective pain relief and robust flavors makes Harlox one of our favorites. We test all indoor flower with our patients in mind.

THC: 4.7% | CBD: 7.7%


Relaxed, Euphoric, Hungry, Happy


Pain, Stress, Inflammation, Depression, Muscle Spasms


Earthy, Hops

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Harlox is an indica-dominant hybrid bred by the geniuses at Rare Dankness Seeds. This strain has a very high CBD content. It recently won the 1st Place CBD Strain and is commonly used for medical purposes, including muscle spasms, anxiety, inflammation, and pain. Harlox has a berry-like taste and a sweet aroma. It is a short plant with purple buds and a high production of resin. It is ideal for nighttime use.

Type of High

Harlox cannabis strain is a very powerful pain reliever. It has a relatively smooth smoke with cherry and berry flavor, plus hints of coffee. It’s effect can be euphoric but in the long run, it is calming and will definitely relax your muscles.

Harlox hails from parents Harlequin and The OX. Characteristically indica-dominant, this CBD-rich strain is a powerhouse of relief. Sweet aromas of grape and earthy berries spill out of the jar as I open it to reveal a bushel of deep green and purple buds under a furry blanket of dark orange hairs. The resinous flower fights me momentarily before I grind it to perfection.

Smooth smoke kisses my lungs as notes of cherry and coffee dance in a sugary haze on my palette. An exotic euphoria swirls through my body, holding me in a warm embrace as my aching muscles release their tension and my racing thoughts slow to a rhythmic pace. This memorable strain provided a delightfully heady high that gave me a strong appetite and left me pain-free for hours on end.


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